Install GFCI Light Switches


In our last post, we stressed the importance of installing smoke detectors in your home prior to a home inspection. Today, we want to encourage you to install GFCI light switches in your home.

GFCI stands for “ground fault circuit interrupter”. The internal device in this light switch shuts off electric power to the switch if it detects a current moving in the wrong direction.

GFCI light switches are now standard in new home remodels and a home inspector will require you install them as part of his report.


  • Locate the circuit breaker in your home and turn off the power to the room you will be installing the GFCI light switch.
  • Test the outlet with a circuit tester to ensure the power is off and then remove the face plate with a screwdriver.
  • Test the interior of the outlet again to ensure there is no power.
  • Remove the mounting screw from the outlet and then remove the outlet from the wall.
  • First, remove the black wire from the outlet.
  • Second, remove the white wire from the outlet.
  • Lastly, remove the ground wire from the outlet.
  • Straighten the neutral wire and the ground wire and and strip ½-inch from the wires with a wire cutter.
  • Now attach the ground wire to the GFCI.
  • Now attach the neutral wire to the GFCI. Push it through the end of the GFCI on the end with the hole and the screw to tighten the hole around the wire.
  • Now attach the black wire with the same process.
  • Now organize the wires into the outlet box and push the box back into the wall.
  • Mount the outlet with a screw and screw on the face plat.
  • Now return to your circuit breaker and turn the power back on in the room.
  • Test the GFCI outlet.

You should repeat this process for all of the outlets in your bathroom, kitchen and outdoor living areas.

The presence of GFCI light switches and outlets in your home for sale will help you to pass your home inspection and complete the sale of your home.

If you are not comfortable working with electricity, we recommend you hire a professional electrician near you to install GFCI light switches.