Cleaning for a Home Inspection

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Your home doesn’t have to be clean for a home inspection, but it can help.

You want the inspector to have an overall positive report for the buyers and a clean home will help with that.

You also don’t want clutter or dirt to prevent a portion of the inspection and lead to an “incomplete” report that could deter the buyers.

You should complete these cleaning chores before the home inspector arrives:


The home inspector will want to climb onto the roof and inspect the roof and the chimney if you have a fireplace.

You need to either hire a professional chimney cleaning service or you can perform DIY chimney cleaning with tips from our blog.

You don’t want soot or debris limiting the inspector’s visibility and ability to properly report on the current quality of the chimney.


If you have older and dirty carpet in your home, you should consider hiring a professional carpet cleaning service near your home.

The service you hire should be able to eliminate and remove deep dirt and surface level soil for a clean carpet.

This should discourage the home inspector from recommending you replace the carpet or tear it out prior to completing the sale of the home.


You need the walls of your basement to be clear of clutter so that the inspector is able to properly grade and evaluate the foundation of the home. If the inspector is unable to access and inspect various sections of the wall and foundation, he or she might fill out the report as “incomplete” and require another inspection at a later date which could delay the selling process.


Your attic will need to be accessible to the home inspector. Often, attics are accessible via a closet in a home and that closet is filled with clutter or other items of the homeowners’.

You need to clear the space to allow easier entry to the access for the inspector so he or she is able to lower the ladder and evaluate the insulation and interior of the roof of the home in their report.


You should clean your gutters two or three times each year and once before a home inspector arrives at your home.

Clogged gutters can lead to foundation problems from rain overflowing over the sides of the gutters and resting in pools and puddles near the foundation of the home.

The home inspector will notice the puddles and pools of rain and will assume there are either problems with the roof or the slope of the foundation. Both are significant issues that can derail the sale of a home.

Cleaning your gutters is one cleaning project you absolutely want to complete before a home inspection.

No home inspector wants to traverse a dirty home during their evaluation. In general, it is a courtesy to clean your home before the inspector arrives.

Plus, as you can see from our tips above, there are some additional benefits to completing various cleaning chores before a home inspection that could help the results of the report be positive.