Benefits of LED Lightbulbs

led lightbulbs

LEDs and GFCI switches have actually created a revolution in lighting industry and there are number of reasons evidencing as to why they have completely swept the marketplace.

If you are thinking to invest in LEDs but are still unaware if it would be helpful then this post is for you! Here are five benefits which will influence you to replace your traditional bulbs right away!

Energy Efficient & Environment friendly

The key selling point of LEDs is that they are the most efficient way of illumination and lighting and consumes up to 90% of less energy when compared to the other lightening bulbs. This means not only it will decrease your electricity bills but would also give you a chance to do your bit towards environment. LED light bulbs are not made from conventional materials (one being mercury) which produces lot of heat and release toxic chemicals into the environment. They are recyclable and contribute in decreasing the carbon footprint on planet. It is wise to say that LED light bulbs are a step towards greener future.

Pretty Impressive Longevity

The high upfront cost of LED light bulbs has proven to be a barrier to their widespread use but if you look at the benefits and durability of these bulbs, cost factor seems to be a very minor factor. Also, if you spread out the cost in the entire life span of these bulbs then their yearly cost proves to be less than a dollar! This is because LED bulbs on an average have lifespan of around 1 lakh hours which means that if you keep it on for entire day for all the days of the year then they can run for 11 long years! None of the other investments give you so much return!

Diversified Use

LED Light bulbs can be installed in residential and commercial buildings as well! On the top of it, LED bulbs as mentioned above don’t release any sort of toxic materials or UV emissions and are thus suitable for all those goods and materials which are considered to be sensitive to radiations. This implies that LED bulbs can also be used in traffic signals because of their instant lighting and frequent switching, airplanes, museums, art galleries and other archaeological sites.

Weather Resistant

They are weather resistant and are thus operational in extremely hot and cold temperatures as well. if you are using fluorescent lamps, then you must have noticed that the number of times you change them in winters are much more than summers. Temperature variations don’t impact LED light bulbs and thus you can install them outdoors and indoors and they will operate well in all sorts of weather.

Flexible Design Features

In the conventional bulbs, if you want to reduce the illumination then you have to change it to lower voltage bulb but Led bulbs are flexible in design! This means that they offer dynamic control of light and thus you may brighten, dim and control other aspects of light, color and distribution as per your mood! Also, they are a treat to your delicate and sensitive eyes!